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I have been associated with Oceana Positive since 2015. It feels second home to me, and I have been constantly learning and evolving. I have seen the company grow from strength to strength and the beautiful part of that growth story is individuals like me grow along with such growth. OPOS is infectious with positive energy and vibe akin to its name and I am extremely happy to a part of this group of radical thinkers and multi-functional managers as we proudly call ourselves. It gives each one of the employees associated here enough opportunities to do the role beyond the assigned and learn to see the BIG picture. OPOS is an environment of encouragement and positivity to learn new things and push yourself to achieve greater heights in your career. Its fortunate to have professional mentorship which handholds when needed and allows free hand, most of the times to explore and achieve better than yesterday, every single day.

-- Shankar Somireddy : Head _Production & Logistics
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I feel happy to reach office every day and that’s a super positive sign for an employee morale. Discipline is followed as sacrosanct, but we have enough & more space to explore our creative additions. It’s an extended family atmosphere and we truly cherish each other`s success. We celebrate every small occasion and behave as a team. I personally like the way we get enough opportunities to learn beyond our assigned job role which makes us grow both as an individual and as a professional. I am really looking at an exceptionally long time to be part of the growing OPOS team

-- Shekhar: Assistant Manager _ Accounts & Payments
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Despite the senior most member of the OPOS family in terms of age, I am happy to be amongst the bunch of youngsters who are always eager to learn and deliver. I am happy to be associated with OPOS family and its positive environment. Team Culture and discipline are given the utmost importance in OPOS and I personally believe in such culture which makes the workplace absolutely suitable for me. Each employee is given free hand to express their views and enabled with support when needed achieve more. It’s a strong family bonding with a unique corporate structure driven by a corporate experienced honcho.

-- Mahipal Reddy: Head _ Accounts & Payments

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